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I Really Love Your Peaches™

Thank you Steve Miller for one of the greatest song lyrics ever. A rich purple ice cream made from our farm-grown aronia berries (great taste, super good for you) and select peaches.

Chocolate Anarchy™

A really, really, really rich, dark, chocolate ice cream. Makes chocolate lovers swoon.

Token Male™

Bananas. Wizened blueberries. Vanilla. ‘Nough said.

Beefy Blonde

Dedicated to great athletic women of substance – Lindsay Vaughn, Kendall Coyne, Sister Lily, etc. – who love a great breakfast ice cream. Maple, blueberries, and bacon.


Marquette red wine grapes as ice cream. Yes, please. The Sisters don’t do Needy, and that’s just what red wine grapes are. But it makes a really great ice cream.

Dirty Ann™

Our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries blended in a light chocolate base. Chaste Anne’s alt cousin.


Naughty and nice.

Note: Ice cream is available by pint only with a 4-pint minimum per order. All variety packs contain 6 pints unless otherwise noted.

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