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For the Love of Chocolate Anarchy Ice Cream and FarmHERS

Ode to Chocolate Anarchy Ice Cream and Strong, Innovative Women

There once was a Queen of all cones,

Shelburne Vermont was her home.

It was rich dark chocolate anarchy

That brought fame to her monarchy

And through the U.S. she was known.


Even in the midst of these weird times we are living, you’ve all been wondering how you can get your chocolate anarchy ice cream fix.  For this, we can’t blame you and are pleased that we can provide a variety of options—mail order ice cream, delivery by other farms and pick up at our own farm.


Innovative Women Navigate for Us in the Midst of Crisis

FarmHERS (duh, women farmers!) have emerged as leaders in the space for farm innovation and for bringing farm-fresh food to customers.  Yes, we have our own Mother of All Anarchy, but we have been impressed with our friends and colleagues as examplars of innovative women.


We are sure that you read about the recent outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers in large processing plants, which leads to their temporary closure and the disruption to portions of the food supply chain.  Local FarmHERS offer the solution–pasture-raised, local meats processed right here in Vermont and partnership with other producers—bringing healthy products delivered to your door or available for easy pick up.


Vermont Food Collaborative—Jennifer Kennett and AnnaJo Smith

Jennifer Kennett and her business partner, AnnaJo Smith, created the Vermont Food Collaborative (https://www.vermontfoodcollaborative.com) located in New Haven, VT in 2019 as a way to connect local producers to the market and ensure that the producers would receive a fair price.  VCF currently offers meats, cheeses, milk, Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream (within weeks!!), and other local products. Both Jennifer and AnnaJo are part of families that raise pasture-raised meats and are committed to the sustainability of the local agricultural economy.  Since COVID “stay at home” started in mid-March, local customers in Addison County have been flocking to VCF and to their home delivery service.


Maple Wind Farm—Beth Whiting

We’ve talked about Maple Wind Farm before and a previous post may have showcased the awesomeness of Beth Whiting who owns Maple Wind Farm with her husband, Bruce Hennessey.  We think about the old adage “it is better to be lucky than smart”…well, in Maple Wind’s case, THEY ARE LUCKY AND SMART!   After months of planning, Maple Wind Farm started its home delivery service two weeks BEFORE COVID forced the stay-at-home approach to life.  Maple Wind has added a number of other products from local farms, including Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream.  Demand has been quite strong and now Maple Wind has incorporated the next part of their plan–shipping of meats to your door in New England and New York.  Again, with only two weeks under their belt


Celebrate Innovative Women and Chocolate Anarchy Ice Cream

We don’t know if the demand for local, sustainably-produced farm products will continue at the same current pace, but we believe that this experience sets a new baseline for demand.  As you sit and ponder your good fortune to have access to these amazing products, we hope that you will raise your glass of yummy VT craft beverage or fork of amazing local beef or spoon of Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream and celebrate the innovative women FarmHERS who are developing resilient systems to get local foods to you!

Bowl of chocolate anarchy ice cream sits in the grass with yellow flowers and blue sky behind it NULL Blog Photo

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