Sister/Brother from other Mister/Mother:

Olivia Dunton of Fox Market

Meet Olivia Dunton! Liv is the co-founder of Fox Market, an awesome market and bar in East Montpelier, Vermont, and affectionately called the “best gay grocery store in East Montpelier”.

We first met Liv when they were lead buyer at Hunger Mountain Coop, and did product selections, promotions, merchandising and buying for that store.  However, Liv had bigger plans and along with Fox Market co-founder, Doni Cain, envisioned a market that could serve as a community hub focused on providing good food to people. When they started, the inside building needed mountains of work to convert it into a functional grocery and bar space. With help from friends and family, the two got it ready for business by June 2021. At Fox, Liv and Doni both wear all the hats within the business, sharing the buying and helping to make the market food.

One of the doctrines Liv and Doni live by at Fox is being 100% authentically themselves. Whether it makes people happy or not, they are going to be honest and sincere about who they are. This really resonates with people in their community (and with the Sisters!). They identify as a queer-owned business and a gay bar and it sure does make a lot of people happy. Everyone is welcome at Fox Market, but they place a special emphasis on the safety and inclusion of the queer community.

Liv says they have two favorite parts about running the store. The first is feeding people. They have a deep love and fulfillment at being able to provide people food. Liv’s second favorite part is the response from the community. They continue to receive love and support from the community, and almost every day someone thanks them for being there. Liv described it as a protective bubble of love.

Liv is particularly proud of a special tip program the store created. Since Fox operate as a market and a bar, the store receives lots of tips, which they donate entirely to non-profits. Every month they choose a different partner that aligns with their values and non-profits that might not be well-known and receive as much support. Last month they donated to The Pride Center and supported them in Montpelier’s first-ever pride event.

Lastly, Liv said their favorite flavor is Dirty Anne but also love They’re a Rainbow. If you are ever in the East Montpelier area, make sure to stop into Fox Market to pick up a pint and say hello to Liv and Doni!

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