Currently, we are hiring for one full time position with the description listed below. If you are interested in working at Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream, but we aren’t hiring for a specific position, don’t hesitate to reach out as we are a fast-growing company!


Fulfillment & Operations Coordinator

Location: Shelburne, VT

Compensation: This position begins as hourly at $20-$23/hr depending on experience and will transition to a salaried position. We offer paid time off and sick leave and an emergency room health policy.  

Position Summary: 

We are looking for an organized and goal-oriented individual to help us continue building the Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream and Sisters of Anarchy SyrupWorks brands. Responsibilities focus on the fulfillment of wholesale and ecommerce orders, inventory management, and connecting the dots between our events, production, and marketing operations. You will be part of a high energy, high activity, high responsibility, and fun (yes, really, we are fun!) management team. This is a salaried position, pay commensurate with skills and experience, and includes performance bonus structure and eventual ownership shares. The ideal candidate has a good grasp of a team environment and shared responsibility. Expect to work both administratively and in a hands-on environment. 

Position Description:

As Fulfillment and Operations Coordinator, you will be responsible to:

  • Maintain an inventory system and provide inventory reports to our production team and other team members in support of their production planning and fulfillment. We are working on implementing a new inventory management software and you will be a key person in this implementation. 
  • Oversee, facilitate fulfillment of, and pack weekly online ice cream and syrup orders directly to consumers.  You also will help fulfill and pack orders to be shipped to wholesale customers.
  • Manage fulfillment and delivery for our wholesale customers of ice cream pints and single serves, and wellness syrups. We maintain relationships with several regional distributors but also self-deliver to wholesale customers which are close to our farm. We are in the process of securing additional out-of-state distribution and the individual in this position will help manage the on-boarding process for our distributor. 
  • Deliver orders to select Northeast retail partners where we self-deliver. 
  • Manage inventory at our secondary storage facility located in Williston, including tracking which products and lot codes are on each pallet and arranging for efficient trips to frozen storage to drop off and pick up frozen berries and finished ice cream product.
  • Handle customer service inquiries by helping retail and wholesale customers with questions, giving customers information about products and services, taking orders and processing returns/submitting claims.
  • Monitor voice mail and either answer the calls or give messages to appropriate team members.
  • Contribute to marketing plan and messaging, when time permits
  • While the primary responsibilities are fulfillment, inventory management, and customer relationships, this is a dynamic role. This role will help to connect the dots across various aspects of the business including production, fulfillment, marketing, and farming and will include special projects.
  • When necessary, this role helps the production team with the daily operations of the facility.


We don’t want to put limits on who applies by requiring specific degrees, specific experience, or a number of years of experience. The right candidate will need to have the following characteristics:

  • Work as part of a team and be respectful to and collaborative with your colleagues. We are currently a small, but growing team.
  • Be organized and have a systems mindset. While we have systems in place, we are growing and recognize that our current systems might not fit our future needs. You will be part of the team to research and evaluate systems and tools for our growing business.
  • Be an entrepreneur and a problem solver. You need to thrive on taking responsibility, want to be part of something great, and be willing to put in the time and effort.
  • Enthusiasm about communicating with wholesale customers and consumers, and ability to communicate well on the phone, in-person and by email. If you love developing relationships, you’ll love the customer-facing aspect of this job.
  • Navigate your way around a computer. We don’t need a programmer, but you should feel comfortable with the Microsoft and Google suite of tools—documents and spreadsheets primarily. We also use WooCommerce, Quickbooks, Shipstation and other tools. If you don’t know these tools, we can teach you if you are excited to learn.
  • Be able to lift up to 40 lbs. Sure, you will be at a desk for a portion of your day, but you are also packing boxes, moving items in our production facility, delivering product, etc.
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  • Inventory management software experience a plus

If you think that this is the job for you, please send us a cover letter and resume articulating

why you’d be great for this position, how you can fit into our team and what makes you excited about this position. Send your submission to Becky’s attention at


About Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream & SyrupWorks:

Inspired by our three daughters, who tend to color outside the lines, we developed Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream within the overall structure of Fisher Brothers Farm. We have created a unique, vibrant slate of flavors and a strong brand story over the past four years, and established our first semi-permanent operations outside of Vermont in 2019 (operating out of the Boston, MA area). Unlike most ice cream companies, we don’t throw around ‘farm-to-cone’ just because it’s a catchy phrase. Our ice cream is truly farm-to-cone, currently made on-site, almost entirely with flavor elements grown on the farm.


Our operations now include three distinct products: 1) Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream; 2) Sisters of Anarchy Syrupworks; and 3) berries sold to value-added producers. We produce ice cream in pints sold online and at retail partners, 4 oz single serves sold at retail and hospitality partners, and in tubs from which we scoop at over 150 events and at our farm each summer.


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