Unlike most ice-cream companies, we don’t throw around ‘farm-to-cone’ just because it’s a catchy phrase. Our ice cream is, truly, farm-to-cone, made on-site at Fisher Brothers Farm in Vermont, almost entirely with flavor elements grown on the farm by the ice cream makers.

Our Story

Inspired by Farmer Bob’s and the Mother of All Anarchy’s three daughters, who from an early age created (and continue to create) a hurricane of anarchy wherever they go, Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream grew out of a multi-generational tradition of  – and love for – ice cream.  We believe and accept that an interesting life, particularly one lived with three strong-willed and accomplished young women, encompasses a great deal of chaos.  In other words, “Courage, and roll the dice.”

Early in their partnership, back in the Dark Ages when Farmer Bob was a windsurfing bum and the Mother of All Anarchy was a cute waitress in Hood River, Oregon, the budding romantics discovered they had a problem.  Namely, an ice cream consumption problem, leading to restrictive wetsuits and a general wheezing when ascending stairs.  A decision was made: no more ice cream unless it was made by the consumers.  A quick call to a future grandmother (pictured below at the original Fisher Farms in central New York), the assembly of a hand crank White Mountain Creamer, and they were in business, experimenting with and making ice cream nearly every night for the remainder of the summer.

Fast forward 30 years, several careers and businesses, three girls, several dogs (we are not cat people), some cool cars, lots of kid coaching, multiple towns and cities, and here we are, back with a relationship largely controlled by our success and cooperation while producing ice cream.   

WoManifesto Title

We could have named ourselves the Sisters of Perpetual Consistency, but that would be lame, and certainly untrue. Great women are not born for predictability—where is the fun in that? No, great women are born for greatness (duh), and we get up every morning and go to work with this thought uppermost in our minds.

In the ice cream world we live in, we have found the old adage holds true—if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. So we built a farm in Vermont where we grow most of our main flavor elements, processing the crops ourselves and bringing them straight to our small batches of the best ice cream around. We keep our ice cream simple. Raspberry Beret—yup, it tastes like fresh raspberries. Crystal Blue Persuasion—yes, fresh blueberries. Dirty Ann—the sweetness of yellow Anne raspberries subtly complements rich chocolate. Token Male-not quite sure yet … we love the name and it most definitely will be simple. You get the gist.


We also believe in unalienable truths in life.
  • Of course, the Big Three.
  • The longer the title, the less important the position.
  • It isn’t bragging if you can get it done.
  • Manels (all male panels) at meetings should be banned.
  • The Oxford comma is around to stay.
  • Impact should not be used as a verb.
  • Anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers should join forces and step off the edge.

We are women. We are who we are. We do what we do. So eat dessert first, ‘cause you never know what might happen.


Sisters of Anarchy

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