Like most women, the Sisters know A LOT. Example: we know Justin Timberlake isn’t the only person who can put a party in a box.

Yes, that’s right, coming to you live from Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream, it’s The Party In A Box! Each delivery includes 14, 4 oz single serves selected from a mix of 8 crazy good flavors. So whether you want to add some fun to an office meeting, a special treat for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or birthday, sparkle to a July 4 Party, or, well, whatever gets the old motor running, The Party In A Box is the way to go!
Chocolate Anarchy single serve

Chocoholic Party

A delicious combination of chocolate-based flavors for the Chocoholics in your life.

Extra, Extra Vanilla

For those who want a Plain (Jane) party.

The Classics

Half chocolate, half vanilla. The ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Chocolate Anarchy single serve

Single Anarchist

For those who need a little (or a lot!) of anarchy.

crystal blue persuasion single serve

Vanilla Special

A delicious combination of vanilla-based flavors.

Berry, Berry Good

Four flavors all made with our Vermont-grown berries.

overtime single serve

Sass Party

The sassiest ice cream you ever did taste.

dirty ann single serve

Sister’s Special

Four of our classic Sister flavors.

Tap That Single Serve

The Justin (Ultimate Party in a Box)

Throw the ultimate party with the ultimate party in a box!

dirty ann single serve


For when you need a reminder from the state of Vermont.

Chocolate Anarchy single serve

Sisters Surprise

Let the Sisters surprise you!

14 single serves of our choosing.

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Chocolate Anarchy single serve

Make Your Own Single Serve Pack

Make your own single-serve pack! Choose up to four different flavors for a total of 14 single serves in a box.

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Chocolate Anarchy single serve

Galentine’s Gluttony

Chocolate Anarchy, Raspberry Beret, Overtime

Celebrate the Gals with some Galentine’s Gluttony

Anger Manage-Mint Single Serve

Bare Naked Chocolate

Chocolate Anarchy, Anger-Managemint

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