Samanntha de Coteau
Sister Resister:

Samanntha de Coteau and the Summit Sisters

The last time you had work done on your roof, how many women were a part of the team? Our guess is few if any at all. Well, Samanntha is working to change that.

When Michele Vindum needed to replace the roof on her home in Ontario, she started searching for a crew to do the job. Vindum searched for months to find the right person for the job but got very little response from companies. She eventually landed on the Facebook page of Coteau and was persistent in having her do the work.

Coteau has put together a team of 10 female roofers, who completed Vindum’s roof, among many other projects. Coteau coined the group the Summit Sisters, and it is the first all-female roofing team in Canada (maybe the world!). While it was challenging to find the team, they eventually came together from all across Canada to complete the job. There are not many female roofers in either the U.S. and Canada, so gathering the group was no easy task. Luckily, Coteau has developed quite an online presence with over fifteen thousand followers on Instagram.

Female trades workers often face challenges in the workplace, whether it’s comments from other coworkers or customers wanting to “talk to the big guy”, even though a woman is in charge. Many women are reluctant to even join the trades since it’s often seen as a “man’s” work. So, Coteau is working to change this view and show many women that working in the trades is a great career path for a woman. To see some of her awesome videos check out her Instagram.

We want to raise a cone to these awesome sisters forging a path forward for women in the trades! At Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream, we know that nothing is man’s work, and wish these women the best of luck in their careers. 

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