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Variety Pack:
Generic Ice Cream Pint

Fall Festivities

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Homemade, half-baked ginger/chocolate/molasses cookies blended in a light vanilla base.

The perfect fall ice cream

Plain Jane™

Vanilla. Subtle, spectacular vanilla.

Classic vanilla ice cream

Nine to Five™

Our nod to the Fabulous Dolly Parton - super rich, super creamy, super high-octane coffee ice cream.


Marquette red wine grapes as ice cream. Yes, please. The Sisters don’t do Needy, and that’s just what red wine grapes are. But it makes a really great ice cream.

The perfect grape ice cream


The perfect variety pack for when the weather gets colder.

Featuring Snap, Plain Jane, Nine to Five, and Whiner.

Note: Ice cream is available by pint only with a 4-pint minimum per order.