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Generic Ice Cream Pint

Farmer’s Delight

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Raspberry Beret™

Our fresh grown red raspberries blended in a vanilla base. Named in honor of the ultimate performer’s ultimate song. A blend of three of our farm grown red raspberry varieties blended into a light vanilla base.

Gourmet raspberry ice cream

Crystal Blue Persuasion

The Mother of All Anarchy’s favorite color and one of the great peace & love rock songs, made from our purple/blue blueberries and a light vanilla base.

Classic blueberry ice cream

Berry in Black™

Strong and intense, like a great Johnny Cash song. We grow giant blackberries to blend into a vanilla base.

Blackberry ice cream - simple as that

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Respect Your Elders™

The common elderberry, genus Sambucus, has an awesome flavor when treated well; good tasting, good for you, and great color for your ice cream cone.

I Really Love Your Peaches™

Thank you Steve Miller for one of the greatest song lyrics ever. A rich purple ice cream made from our farm-grown aronia berries (great taste, super good for you) and select peaches.

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Dirty Ann™

Our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries blended in a light chocolate base. Chaste Anne’s alt cousin.

Delicious raspberry chocolate ice cream

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Raspberry Beret, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Berry in Black, Respect Your Elders, Dirty Ann, and I Really Love Your Peaches.

Note: Ice cream is available by pint only with a 4-pint minimum per order.