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Gift Givers Dilemma

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Dirty Ann™

Our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries blended in a light chocolate base. Chaste Anne’s alt cousin.

Delicious raspberry chocolate ice cream


Homemade, half-baked ginger/chocolate/molasses cookies blended in a light vanilla base.

The perfect fall ice cream

Raspberry Beret™

Our fresh grown red raspberries blended in a vanilla base. Named in honor of the ultimate performer’s ultimate song. A blend of three of our farm grown red raspberry varieties blended into a light vanilla base.

Gourmet raspberry ice cream

I Want Candy... With Chocolate™

Peppermint ice cream made with our own peppermint plants, with semi-soft chocolate chunks blended in.

Gourmet mint chocolate chip ice cream

Dirty Ann, Snap, Raspberry Beret, I Want Candy With Chocolate

Note: Ice cream is available by pint only with a 4-pint minimum per order.