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Variety Pack:

Gluten-Free Gluttony

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Chocolate Anarchy™

A really, really, really rich, dark, chocolate ice cream. Makes chocolate lovers swoon.

The darkest chocolate ice cream

Anger Manage-Mint

Cure PO'd with PC - Peppermint Chocolate! Chocolate ice cream made with our farm's peppermint.

I Want Candy... With Chocolate™

Peppermint ice cream made with our own peppermint plants, with semi-soft chocolate chunks blended in.

Gourmet mint chocolate chip ice cream

Chaste Anne™

Pure as the driven snow, made from our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries and a light vanilla base.

Yellow raspberry ice cream - simple as that

Respect Your Elders™

The common elderberry, genus Sambucus, has an awesome flavor when treated well; good tasting, good for you, and great color for your ice cream cone.

Tap That

Maple Syrup - Maple Candy - MmmMmm! Made with real Vermont maple syrup


Chocolate Anarchy, Anger Manage-Mint, I Want Candy With Chocolate, Chaste Anne, Respect Your Elders, Tap That

Full of flavors that don’t contain gluten

Note: Ice cream is available by pint only with a 4-pint minimum per order.