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Officer Bob Special™

Named for our favorite police officer, who insists we always be stocked with his favorite flavor, chocolate chip.

Berry in Black™

Strong and intense, like a great Johnny Cash song. We grow giant blackberries to blend into a vanilla base.

Blackberry ice cream - simple as that

Out of stock

Black Velvet If You Please™

One of the great Canadian rock songs, Alannah Myles at her best, and our blackberries blended into a light chocolate base.

Delicious blackberry chocolate ice cream

Bronx Cheer™

Yeah, a razzi, except ours tastes good. A rich raspberry ice cream with a semi-soft dark chocolate blended in.

Chaste Anne™

Pure as the driven snow, made from our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries and a light vanilla base.

Yellow raspberry ice cream - simple as that

Chocolate Anarchy™

A really, really, really rich, dark, chocolate ice cream. Makes chocolate lovers swoon.

The darkest chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Safe Space™

Straight-laced, non-threatening chocolate, for those who can’t face the full consequences of Chocolate Anarchy.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

The Mother of All Anarchy’s favorite color and one of the great peace & love rock songs, made from our purple/blue blueberries and a light vanilla base.

Classic blueberry ice cream

Dirty Ann™

Our super sweet yellow Anne raspberries blended in a light chocolate base. Chaste Anne’s alt cousin.

Delicious raspberry chocolate ice cream

I Want Candy... With Chocolate™

Peppermint ice cream made with our own peppermint plants, with semi-soft chocolate chunks blended in.

Gourmet mint chocolate chip ice cream

Nine to Five™

Our nod to the Fabulous Dolly Parton - super rich, super creamy, super high-octane coffee ice cream.


Our coffee ice cream with our farm-grown red raspberries.

Gourmet raspberry coffee ice cream

Plain Jane™

Vanilla. Subtle, spectacular vanilla.

Classic vanilla ice cream

The Experience

We like to think the Jimi Hendrix Experience would like this flavor when they got the munchies. Half-baked aronia berry brownies blended into a rich aronia berry ice cream.

Out of stock

Raspberry Beret™

Our fresh grown red raspberries blended in a vanilla base. Named in honor of the ultimate performer’s ultimate song. A blend of three of our farm grown red raspberry varieties blended into a light vanilla base.

Gourmet raspberry ice cream


Homemade, half-baked ginger/chocolate/molasses cookies blended in a light vanilla base.

The perfect fall ice cream

Beefy Blonde

Dedicated to great athletic women of substance – Lindsey Vonn, Kendall Coyne, Sister Lily, etc. – who love a great breakfast ice cream.  Maple, blueberries, and bacon.

Out of stock


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