Deana Allgaier headshot
Sister/Brother from other Mister/Mother:

Deana Allgaier of Deana Allgaier Studio

Meet Deana Allgaier! We are thrilled to partner with Deana, the wonderful artist behind the notecards in our Mother’s Day Variety Packs this year. For the Mother’s Day packs, we wanted to add something special to our shipped ice cream and selected two of Deana’s designs–a watercolor of Vermont with gorgeous green colors and a watercolor of a potted lavender plant. Both of these are the perfect cards to express just how much your mom (or any motherly figure) means to you. Keep on reading to learn more about the awesome artist behind these designs!

Deana didn’t always express her creative side through painting. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that she really started to hone the craft. Deana has always had a creative side, which she picked up while learning to cook with her Italian grandmother. This translated to Deana being a personal chef for the past 15 years. She found that she was happiest when making something for others to enjoy so being a chef was the perfect career choice. 

Unfortunately, once COVID hit, she looked for another creative outlet. She ended up taking a watercolor class at a local adult education program, and soon fell in love with painting. With the added time resulting from the Covid lockdowns, she began fine tuning her painting skills while also focusing on growing her art business, Deana Allgaier Studios. Her primary medium is watercolors. Deans says she finds inspiration from nature especially in her hometown of Huntington, Vermont. You can find her work at a few retail stores around Vermont and on her website

Outside of the art studio, Deans still loves cooking along with gardening, kayaking, listening to music, and, of course, being a mom to her 9-year old daughter. Even though Deana doesn’t drink coffee, her favorite ice cream flavor is coffee. So, her love of coffee ice cream in combination with her love of Dolly Parton means that our Nine to Five flavor is her top choice for the Sisters’ flavors. 

We’re so excited to be partnering with Deana this Mother’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating together or from afar, her notecards (plus some farm-to-cone ice cream) are the perfect way to show your mom added appreciation!

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