Sheila Ramgopal
Sister Resister:

Dr. Sheila Ramgopal

We Sisters believe everyone deserves safe access to healthcare, including the full range of reproductive healthcare. We applaud all of the brave providers who continue to protect women’s access to care. 

That’s why we’re featuring Dr. Sheila Ramgopal as our Sister Resister this week. They are the quintessence of providers working hard in a difficult environment to ensure that women and trans people can access the full spectrum of care. As some states begin to restrict access, women will need to travel to other states for care, which is going to overwhelm providers in bordering states.  Given Pittsburgh’s proximity to Ohio and West Virginia, Dr. Ramgopal anticipates a significant increase in demand at her clinic Allegheny Reproductive and Health Center and is now collecting donations, so people in neighboring states can get proper access to the care they need. 

Dr. Ramgopal has some serious medical chops as a board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. They graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, completed a Masters at Columbia University, and then graduated University of Pittsburgh Medical School. They completed their OB/GYN residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at Magee-Women’s Hospital. They have been in private and academic practice and now work full-time at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center.  

Dr. Ramgopal believes beneficial care can only happen if patients have bodily autonomy, and they provide open and honest communication that helps patients make healthcare decisions that are right for them.  We’d like to raise a cone to Dr. Ramgopal and other healthcare providers who are doing everything they can to maintain access to safe care!!

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