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Sister Resister – Leith Greenslade

We are pleased to introduce Leith Greenslade, founder of JustActions (http://justactions.org) and this weeks Sister Resister (and the possessor of the Triple A” –  AWESOME Aussie Accent!)

Leith is a classic resister” for her tireless work in innovating new approaches and using hard data for decision-making (who knew?) to improve the health, equality, and quality of life for women and children around the world.  She understands that you cant improve what you cant measure and has been a leading force in initiatives that have significantly decreased child deaths from pneumonia and diarrhea—two of the leading global killers of children.

Leith has held high-level positions in the Australian government, on the board of Gavi–the Vaccine Alliance, and as a leader in the UN Secretary-Generals Every Woman Every Child movement.  While these titles are impressive, what is most impressive about Leith is she truly doesnt care who gets the credit as long as the job gets done – improving the lives of women and children.

In 2015, Leith developed the Motherhood + Public Power Index, analyzing the number of mothers in positions of power in industry and government.  The Index highlights underrepresentation of women with children in top jobs and advocates needing the perspective of mothers in positions of power to successfully address big global challenges (and we Sisters recognize there are LOTS of challenges!).

Mother of three daughters herself, Leith is down for the struggle.  We think that Leiths favorite flavor of Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream must be Overtime: she never stops working in her support of women and children.

Most favorite ice cream – Overtime (smooth coffee ice cream blended with fresh raspberries)

Least favorite activity – listening to bloviating mansplainers on manels (all-male panels)

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