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Big Dilemma for People Who Need Gluten-free Ice Cream

From Guest Blogger and Social Media Maven: Amelia Luke (and fellow gluten-free ice cream consumer)

Speaking as someone who is gluten-free, I know I can spend many minutes (even hours!) scanning grocery store aisles looking for an ice cream flavor that doesn’t include brownies, cookies, pretzels, waffle cones, or any other flour-filled treat. The digression starts by rolling my cart up the aisle and back down searching for something that meets all my ice cream desires. I start wondering, “is this gluten free life really worth it? Should I buy a pint and splurge, risking the known consequences if I consume some wheat-inspired flavor?”


I then begin questioning all life choices, wondering how I’ve spent fifteen minutes in the ice cream aisle waiting for a flavor to appear that will never come.  I tell myself, “there must be something here for me, lots of people are gluten free!”  But as I keep scanning and searching, losing hope as the minutes go on, the choices become limited.  Soon I am left deciding between some boring flavors I’ve probably had before or a less than decadent chocolate ice cream.


Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream Is the Gluten-Free Ice Cream Solution (Mostly)!

If you can’t consume gluten and can relate to my ice cream woes, I’m excited to share that Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream solves your gluten-free ice cream problems! All except for two of our flavors are gluten free ice cream! This gives you many options when it comes to picking your ice cream.  Whether you go for Raspberry Beret (red raspberries blended in vanilla ice cream), Respect Your Elders (elderberry ice cream) or the most fantastic Chocolate Anarchy ice cream, you will have a hard time choosing (sorry, not our problem!).  Of course, all of our flavors are also nut-free ice cream so we have you covered!


Visit the Sisters to Get Some Gluten-Free Ice Cream

So, visit the Sisters at our farm in Shelburne, find us at an event somewhere in New England, or order online for ice cream delivered to your door anywhere in the Continental US.   What are you waiting for? Grab some pints of anarchy to enjoy for yourself and for all the gluten free people that you love!

*Disclaimer, we use the same equipment to make all of our flavors, so our ice cream may not be suitable for individuals with severe gluten allergies or intolerances.*

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