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Brother From Another Mother: Steve Friedman

This week’s “Brother” is Steve Friedman, our senior account executive for WXRV, the River at 92.5—a Boston-based adult rock radio station!  We met Steve when we decided to advertise Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream on Steve’s station as we entered the Boston market in Summer 2019.  WXRV was an invaluable partner in getting the word out about farm-to-cone Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream.

We have an affinity for the WXRV station for a number of reasons, including:

  1. WXRV plays a range of music that we love–from old-school classics to modern music;
  2. WXRV is an independently owned and operated…just like the Sisters!
  3. WXRV is one of the first solar-powered radio stations in the US—how cool is that!?
  4. The radio station’s are willing to play our unconventional content (listen to our theme song which provided content for lots of our radio ads)

Steve has been with the River for 20 years this January. One of his favorite parts of the job is providing solutions for small businesses to support their growth, and help businesses increase in market share, sales and brand awareness. Steve enjoys sales because it is not only rewarding, but allows flexibility, autonomy, and combines his personal interest with his business efforts. Steve is a big fan of our ice cream, particularly Chocolate Anarchy, which he tried for the first time at the WXRV-hosted Riverfest…one of the Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream’s most epic events of summer 2019!

If you can’t make it to Boston, you can tune into The Point at 104.7 or 93.3 in Vermont or at tuneinboston.com.  Thanks, Steve, for helping the Sisters move into Boston!

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