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Ghosts of Christmas Gifts Past

Oh, you know the story.  Marley’s ghost rattles around in the attic reminding earthly beings of their past sins.  During this holiday season, we at Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream are reminded of not actual ghosts, but the ghosts of Christmas gifts past (or Hanukah or Kwanza or Festivus…insert your favorite holiday here!). Not everyone knows that ice cream shipped right to your door is an option.

Our family has some epic Christmas gifts past.  Growing up, the Mother of All Anarchy had one particularly thoughtful Aunt who always gave gifts, just not ones that a kid would be excited about. One Christmas morning, the Mother’s siblings and she excitedly opened their gifts. One after one, each box from said Aunt contained a red turtleneck with our respective names ironed on—Carolyn, Steve, Becky, and __ __ ot.  The “S” and “C” of Scot had fallen off in transit. On the upside, we got a great nickname out of it.  Over four decades later, if you say “Ot”, we still know what it refers to. We’re starting to think the nickname was a better gift than the sweater.

The best ghost of gifts past is the now infamous candlestick debacle of 1995.  Farmer Bob had asked for the simple gift of bookends for Christmas. The Mother of All Anarchy’s sister (let’s call her the Aunt of Anarchy) purchased and wrapped the most hideous bronze bookends that had a dual-use doubling as candlesticks.  We are not sure what design genius thought this two-in-one was a good idea. Clearly, this gift happened before the concept of shipping ice cream even existed.  Long story short, Farmer Bob politely regifted the candlesticks back to the Aunt of Anarchy. She tried to sell them at a yard sale, and, unsurprisingly, they didn’t sell. She tried to give them away…no one would accept.  Don’t be like the Aunt of Anarchy this year.  Instead send the most delicious, small-batch, farm-to-cone ice cream this holiday season. You don’t want any of your gifts showing up as a ghost of Christmas gifts past!

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