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Hooray for Nut Free Ice Cream

Do Nuts Belong in Ice Cream?

“Nuts don’t belong in ice cream” exclaimed the Mother of Anarchy. And that, as they say, was that. Our ice cream would be nut free. M of A doesn’t over-use her latent authority, but when the foot does come down, it stays down.   

Fortunately, the Mother of Anarchy having a distaste for nuts in ice cream turns out to be a blessing for many in the ice cream loving crowd. “Oh wow! You’re a nut free ice cream?!” is a comment we hear often from mothers, husbands, and other *nut-avoiders*.  An instant bond is formed, the Mother of Anarchy smiles, launching into the details of our farm-to-cone product and how it satisfies everyone’s needs.  She knows creating a nut free product is safer for everyone.

For example, if we sprinkled in some peanuts here and some walnuts there, we would need completely separate machinery, scoops, buckets, sinks- literally everything, OR we would have to turn away hungry peanut allergenic ice cream lovers because it wouldn’t be safe. It’s not their fault they can’t eat nuts, so why punish them!

Don’t Worry – We Still Have Chunks

Worried because you want some chunk in your ice cream? Never Fear! Let us introduce you to Purple Haze, made with aronia berries blended with aronia berry brownies, giving you something to chew on PLUS a beautiful all natural lavender color. Not into aronia berries? Meet Snap,™ a creamy vanilla base blended with half-baked chocolate molasses ginger snap cookies!

It’s all good, good for you, and nut free. 

A snowman created using vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone that is sitting in the snow NULL Blog Photo

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