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Ice Cream Customers Keep us Laughing

This is really, really hard.  Not just in the immediate, COVID-crazed now, but in a general, consistent, historical, unrelenting, exhausting, frightening hard, like possibly-lose-everything-you-have hard.  As one of the Grandmothers of All Anarchy said frequently to Farmer Bob, “growing old (and bootstrapping an independent business start-up) is not for the faint of heart.”

Best Berry Ice Cream Around

This is the case, daily, even though Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream is on a tear, with key metrics heading in the right direction.  Farm ice cream produced? Check.  Ice cream delivered to more customers and states every day?  Check.  Still producers of the best berry ice cream around?  Double check.  But keeping the wheels on the road, the train on the tracks, the ice cream in the cone, is often a lonely vigil.

Frequent internal dialogue:

“Does anyone notice?  Does anyone really care (heavy, sobby sigh)?  I mean, I was Home Coming Queen, wasn’t I?  I was the ram mascot at high school sporting events … This MUST HAVE MEANING.”

Ice Cream Customers Matter

Well, as it turns out, people do care, at least, people who are our customers.  Just when we are at our periodic emotional low, we receive the amusement, praise, appreciation, and yes, even sometimes adulation that keeps us going. E-mail that a new customer just sent to Katie Couric’s team recommending our ice cream be featured in their blog:

“Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream in Vermont!!!  Such a fun, inspiring, woman centric venture in Vermont.  Delicious, clever flavors and they ship!  I sent quarantine treats to my daughter and a few friends last week.  They were ecstatically Received!  They are like the Sh#t that I Knit of Ice Cream!”

 Courtney G.

Sent from my iPad”


“From: Don L.

Message Body:  How good is your ice cream?  (It said I should ask).  I’m assuming it’s great.  In this time of Covid’ida, I hunger for some good ice cream.  I also am bored.  So a 12 hour (round trip, including refills of electrons) drive from Portland (not the one in Oregon) to your shop in Vermont seems like a great idea. 

Thus, I must ask: Are you open?  I’d like to buy at least six pints.  Maybe 12. 

Can you provide dry ice?  Or wet ice?  Or a small chunk of very old ice carved off the Antarctic shelf.  Or from a glacier in Iceland?  Or a really  big icicle from Greenland?

Repeated Scene: 

My car, stopped at the Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont border checkpoints: 

Police:  “Sir, where are you going?  Is this Essential?”

Me:  “Yes, officer.  I’m picking up Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream.”

Police:  Oh.  Carry on!  Enjoy!  Hey, nice cat mask!”

I’ll probably need some Donut flavored ice cream pints to bribe my way back across the borders.   

Stay healthy,

Don “just another Token Male”

Customers, Blueberry ice cream infront of berry bushes NULL Blog Photo

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