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Introducing… Aronia Berry and Elderberry Syrups

New Product Alert!!

Elderberry and Aronia Berry Syrup

Given what the Sisters have shared, you probably think we keep Farmer Bob around for the lower-order tasks. While he keeps his nose to the grindstone, he also is actually quite clever and, occasionally, gets struck by some creative lightning. In this case, he’s thought of an entirely new product line…Sisters of Anarchy Juice Works!

Farmer Bob is not content with run-of-the-mill. Instead the new product line will focus on syrups that we will make using elderberries and aronia berries. We will have plenty of supply of these unique berries as our farm grows over 7,500 row feet combined of aronia berry and elderberry. Of course, we will continue to make Respect Your Elders—our signature elderberry ice cream—and our various aronia berry ice creams, including Purple Haze (aronia berry ice cream with aronia berry brownies) and I Really Love Your Peaches (aronia berry ice cream with peaches).

Aronia Berry

What’s an aronia berry? If we had a nickel for every time we answered that question, then we’d would be richer than Jeff Bezos. Well, not quite, but…

While you can eat the aronia berry raw off the bush, in the Mother of Anarchy’s humble opinion, the astringent raw berries make your tongue feel like a wooden stick (appetizing, right?). However, as a flavor element and processed with a little sweetener, this high-tannin berry is an amazing flavor element.

Delicious and Nutritious

Farmer Bob is smart enough not to run afoul of the FDA by making actual health claims about elderberry and aronia berry. However, there is emerging evidence (actual, honest-to-goodness scientific articles!!!) that elderberry may decrease both the severity and length of bouts of the flu. We feel that we are within legal bounds implying that our syrup will be loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C (and will be at least as effective as hydroxychloroquine in battling some conditions). As an added bonus, both the aronia berry and elderberry have gorgeous blooms in the Spring and smolder into carmine foliage in the fall. Look good, taste good, good for you. The Sister’s always have your best interest in mind.

Bottling Syrup This Week

Farmer Bob and the Mother of Anarchy take a field trip this coming week to complete our first run of 500 bottles of the tasty aronia berry/elderberry syrup. Stay tuned as it becomes available for sale at the farm, with a few limited partners, and, of course, on our website!

Red berry juice pours out of the sides and out of a spout of a large, round juicer into a white bucket with a red barn backdrop NULL Blog Photo

It’s not you…. It’s us…..we’re at our order max for the week. Read the order FAQs.