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Introducing the Sisters and Farmer Bob

The Sisters of Anarchy are a modern, sleek, internet-savvy trio of 21st century women. But to really work, every beehive does need a drone. Enter Farmer Bob. When it comes to understanding the changing patterns of the world and new tech, his general attitude is one of bemused skepticism––iPhone used strictly for making phone calls and listening to music (mostly oldies but goldies).  It’s not because he’s a technophobe, he just doesn’t have time or brain space for the little appy-thingys.  Nor is he entirely insensitive to the changing ways of the world. He realizes that in order to survive he has to become a modern, sensitive new-age guy.

After a lot of pulling and prodding, he decided that maybe he could use this Internet thing to his advantage, not just as a way to order clear-frame sunglasses to his door step or read the Sunday Style section of the NYTimes (yeah, as if that would ever happen). So the Sisters and Farmer Bob compromised: they help him navigate his way around the interwebs, and Farmer Bob uses the power of e-commerce to sell the berry laden ice cream they all love.

He doesn’t really understand how this whole online storefront thing works, but it’s the way the world is moving. Lucky for him, he has the Sisters by his side.

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