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Mail-order ice cream: how the cool kids do it

About a year ago, in the time before mail-order ice cream, Farmer Bob and the Mother of All Anarchy faced a dilemma (a rare occurrence for the two, as running a farm, ice cream company, and household with three headstrong young women very rarely causes any stress). The problem: ice-cream accessibility. Delicious, farm-to-cone, Vermont ice cream was readily available to happy New Englanders, but there were roughly 45 states that lived a life void of “Crystal Blue Persuasion” and “Chocolate Anarchy.” The two were heartbroken at the very thought. Being charitable and innovative ice-cream makers, the couple quickly came up with a solution: “why don’t we just… send it in the mail?” And so, the mail-order ice cream we know and love today was born.


Of course, we don’t just throw pints of “I Really Love your Peaches” into Sister Sunshine’s old Nike shoeboxes and bring them to the post office. Over the months, mail-order Mondays have become stuff of legend at Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream; a choreographed assembly line of dry-ice scoopers, label-makers, and packing-tape experts.  The result: still frozen, still delicious mail-order ice cream on your doorstep, as far as California. And while we are proud of how far our ice cream can reach, we are just as happy to ship it around New England, and even Vermont, so that our local friends can stay in their sweatpants and avoid seeing a coworker out and about while they’re supposed to be “working” from home.


Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling Farmer Bob and the Mother of All Anarchy get when they remember that now, ice-cream lovers from Brooklyn to Madison to Seattle can indulge in our delicious ice cream, one of the most satisfying outcomes of this business venture is the common reaction to the phenomenon of mail-order ice cream: “you can send ice cream in the mail???? HOW?” Yes, we can send ice cream in the mail. Yes, it will arrive frozen. Yes, it is the same, delicious ice cream we make in Shelburne, VT: small batch and with flavor elements picked fresh from our farm. And obviously, we encourage you to join our entourage of satisfied mail-order ice cream customers, and order some ice cream, as a gift to your friend, or a gift to yourself. If there were ever a time for farm-grown comfort food, it’s now.

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