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New Flavors Alert: Beefy Blonde and More

You probably think we keep Farmer Bob around for the lower-order tasks. He keeps his nose to the grindstone while the Sisters focus on the big picture. But, every once in a while, he gets struck by creative lightning – he calls it “having a brain wave”. The latest examples are Beefy Blonde, Token Male, and Bad Catholic.

Ah, Beefy Blonde. The credit really goes to Sister Lily, who in fact is a beefy blonde – and proud of it. She’s also an increasingly effective lacrosse goalie, quick feet, quick hands, and built like her grandfather (a whole other story about what he accomplished on the grid iron and the wrestling mat). While trying on new goalie gear – without much luck – she blurted out “why don’t they make any gear for beefy blondes?” And the Mother of All Anarchy, standing there, had an inspiration: What-A-Great-Name. Farmer Bob took the idea and ran with it, putting together the breakfast of champions – blueberries, maple syrup, and most importantly bacon, in a creamy smooth ice cream.

Token Male, a descriptor in search of a taste. What powerful, mostly woman-driven organization doesn’t need one or two of these around, for the petty dramas if nothing else? But how to capture the right sense of mild, unassuming, soft-pedaling demeanor that immediately comes to mind? Farmer Bob scored again, with soft, somewhat over-ripe bananas coupled with small, dehydrated berries in a vanilla base.

Bad Catholic. Talk about living on the edge, playing with fire. Boy, does it stimulate customer conversations, including one couple following us across several states and multiple events to express their ire. Farmer Bob isn’t even sure they really know why this upsets them so: after all, there are certainly Bad Catholics in the world, as well as Bad representatives of every other denomination. It just so happens that Farmer Bob is Catholic, and yes, even sort of a bad one depending on your perspective, so he figures this is a reasonably safe trial balloon. Perhaps the world is ready for a line of religion-themed ice creams to bring us all

into the same relatively friendly tent, ice cream as the road to inter-faith understanding – Bad Buddhist, Naughty Anglican (with kippers), Zany Zoroastrian? Farmer Bob continues to muse from his high perch on the tractor, thinking politics can be next…

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