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No Dumber Than Anyone Else…

As we–like every other small farm operation and small business we know–try to navigate the current circumstances and, hopefully, come out still kicking at the far end, I’m finding a new appreciation for living with Farmer Bob.  This may come as a surprise to many, many people, that there would be any value–at all–in living with Farmer Bob, but it is true.  He is the perfect foil for my night terrors, loss of confidence, and general sense of impending doom.

When I sit here, nonplussed at the steadily growing number of mail order ice cream customers, he says, “Yeah, OF COURSE, it’s popular.  This is what happens with great product, eight years of unremitting effort, and a customer base with extra time on their hands and a taste for the finer things, like Chocolate Anarchy or Dirty Ann Ice Cream”.

When I agonize over whether we should really push forward with our direct sale juice operations–Sisters of Anarchy JuiceWorks–once again his response is “Yeah, OF COURSE, we should do it.  What better time than now to push out a farm-produced elderberry, aronia berry, crystalized honey, super tasty super-drink? Everyone is looking for ways to improve their overall health while feeling like they have at least a little control over their circumstances.  Us doing this, now, is a public service.”  Farmer Bob really does talk like this.

“Are we smart?,” I let slip out, thinking aloud.  “I don’t feel smarter than other people, or even smart at all…”

“Well, we aren’t particularly smart.  That doesn’t matter, you’re looking at this backwards.  What is important is to not be much dumber than anyone else.  You know successful dumb people, I know successful dumb people, everyone does.  So clearly being consistently brilliant, or even particularly smart, is not the deciding factor in success.  Instead, focus on being less dumb.  It’s a much more attainable goal.”

So that is our new motto, why our ice cream is the best ice cream around, and why Sisters of Anarchy JuiceWorks will be also;  “no dumber than anyone else.”

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