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Out of the mouths of babes…

“Ice cream is SOOOOOOO boring!” erupted Sister Maggie. “Boring, boring, boring!”


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah, really!  And what is with this lady, what’s her name, the Speaker lady?  If she’s going to have a collection of mail order ice cream, at least don’t have it be BORING ice cream!”


I pointed out that she is the Speaker of the House of the United States Congress.  I also highlighted that the mail order ice cream she chooses to obsessively collect while Rome burns is a perfectly fine–nice product made by a nice lady in Ohio.  After all, not everyone has the benefit of knowing the Sisters of Anarchy or our farm-grown, small-batch ice cream.


“Uh huh.  Whatever.  At least she could collect INTERESTING Vermont ice cream, like Snap, or I Really Love Your Peaches, or Token Male.  THAT’S interesting.”


“Well, that’s true, but Snap – a strong ginger ice cream, with chocolate and molasses, or I Really Love Your Peaches – aronia berry and peaches ice cream –  or Token Male, with bananas and wizened blue berries in a vanilla ice cream base, well, they might be a little much for one of our elders.”


“You mean she’s really old?”


“Well, yes, I mean ‘older’.”


“Like when Farmer Bob says he’s ‘older than dirt’, that old?”


“Not nice, Mags …”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, but is she that old?”


“… Seasoned.”


What would we do without the endless entertainment provided by our youth.  We hope you are all well, and getting all the ice cream–of whatever brand–you and your families need to get you through this.


hand holding ice cream cone with dripping final ice cream on a farm NULL Blog Photo

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