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Over-delivering on Your Mail Order Ice Cream… Every Time

The Mother of All Anarchy is upset; “We just received some customer feedback, a complaint about some of their mail order ice cream pints ‘leaking’ ….”

“Like, leaking like it’s melted and liquid, or leaking like some of the mail order ice cream oozed out from under the pint lid?” asks Farmer Bob.

“I think the latter, but I’m not sure, I’m going to ask for pictures.”

“Well, I doubt it’s a melting issue, the delivery was made in one day. And if it’s the latter, it’s a feature, not a bug.”

Yes, it’s a feature, representative of the way we craft the ice cream we sell. Most pint producers, like the Waterbury, VT-based subsidiary of a Dutch multi-national corporation, use a continuous run freezer. It just runs and runs and runs as long as you dump a mix in the front end, potentially thousands of gallons at a time. This machine is coupled with some sort of robotic pinting line. Think video of a GM or Ford assembly plant, or the opening credits of Laverne and Shirley with the Shotz Brewery canning line. If you are as old as Farmer Bob, then feel free to sing along…you know the words):

Give us any chance we’ll take it, read us any rule we’ll break it, we’re going to make our dreams come true, doing it our way ….

We really do craft our mail order ice cream, doing it our way, batch by batch. This includes hand-packing each pint. Our mission is to give you more than you should reasonably expect, whether it is service, ice cream, or the experience; we just don’t know how else to do it.

So yes, sometimes a pint is packed a little too zealously, as one of our crew makes sure our customers don’t receive less than they deserve. If this is a crime, so be it. Lock us up, we’re guilty–once again–of over-delivering. But the next time you put a spoon full of Purple Haze, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Beefy Blonde, Overtime, or any of our other 23 flavors (and counting) in your mouth–marveling at the rich, consistent flavor, the mouth feel, and the fact that no one else is making ice cream like the Sisters of Anarchy–be glad we do things the way we do, including the occasional over-packing of a pint.

Six pints of of aronia berry ice cream with chunks of peaches and a silver background NULL Blog Photo

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