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Pitfalls of Having it All

“We’d like to have this delivered tomorrow, it’s my brother’s birthday.  He LOOOOOOVES your ice cream!”  Farmer Bob kept the smile pasted on his face, sighing internally.  We love our customers, but occasionally they can be … trying.  Not on purpose, but it’s the same end result.  We target shipping mail order gourmet ice cream only one day a week so we can insure, to the extent possible, that all our mail order gourmet ice cream shipments are successful.  We do all our own fulfillment, and with a shipping location in the back of beyond in northern Vermont, we have to be very cautious in the promises we make.  We hate to disappoint people, but we are not Amazon.


Speaking of which, who wants to be Amazon right now, with a wildly successful chief exec who, apparently, makes some interesting choices in his personal life?  They are called “privates” because they are meant to be kept somewhat – you know – private.  Goes to show that everyone has problems, self-inflicted or otherwise; it’s just a matter of degree.  A recent customer problem we hadn’t thought of before – too many doors.


Many of our mail order gourmet ice cream customers are quite successful people, with rewarding careers across a host of industries and vocations.  This frequently translates into some substantial real estate and extensive square footage for the old manse.  And with that square footage comes … doors.  Front doors, side doors, back doors, kitchen doors, split level downstairs doors, guest house doors, formal doors, outbuilding with upstairs office doors, pool house doors, recessed exterior door to the wine cave, and so on.  Depending on the layout, it might be a challenge for a FedEx driver to determine just which door a mail order shipment of gourmet ice cream should be left at, and likely no one is home or within hearing to answer a bell.


It seems obvious now, but when our customer’s mail order ice cream shipment went missing for three days despite extensive tracking information and address confirmation, we were at a loss.  In desperation we checked on Zillow for a birds eye view of the location, and the truth was revealed – too many doors.  So if you order from us, have lots of doors, and FedEx says your gourmet ice cream order has arrived but you can’t find it … doors.

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