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Sister From Another Mister: Lisa Sutton

This week’s “Sister” is Lisa Sutton, the founder, owner, and operator of Kitchen Local in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Kitchen Local is a shared use commercial kitchen that supports people with launching and running their food business on a small scale without breaking the bank!  Currently, 26 businesses, including Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream’s Boston operation, utilize this commercial kitchen space.  Lisa loves running Kitchen Local because she enjoys helping hard-working people fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Lisa did not always dream of starting a business let alone something in the food industry. For most of her career, Lisa worked for a range of non-profits in the disability field but dabbled in food working with both her father who opened his own restaurant after retirement and her brother who was a landscaper-turned-caterer. She also had a brief stint as the cook during her time at her Catholic college when the priest-cook left. All of these experiences have readied her for her position as the leader of Kitchen Local.

We salute Lisa’s efforts and appreciate her support as Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream entered the Boston market in 2019.  In our first year there, we brought our ice cream to over 35 events and private parties in Massachusetts (in addition to over 150 events in Vermont!).  While we still make all of our ice cream at our farm, prepping for events at Kitchen Local and Lisa’s support and connections were invaluable to our efforts in Boston. Thank you Lisa!

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