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Sister Resister: Elizabeth “Nellie Bly” Chochran

Happy Monday Everyone! You know what that means, we have another fierce female to share with you! Today’s Sister Resister is Elizabeth “Nellie Bly” Chochran. Nellie was an American Journalist, whose claim to fame is traveling around the world in a record of 72 days. During the time she was alive, most women journalists were writing about topics such as fashion, but not Nellie. One of her first pieces for the Pittsburgh Dispatch was entitled “The Girl Puzzle” and argued for a reform of divorce laws by claiming that divorce did affect women. From there, she continued to push boundaries for women reporters. She wrote the untold stories of the people under dictatorship in Mexico, admitted herself into an insane asylum to report on the conditions, and traveled solo around the world. We can’t imagine what it would be like to do that, but we do know that when she returned she most definitely would have wanted a big bowl of ice cream! Come to think of it, we want some ice cream too! We hope you’re enjoying some ice-cream tonight, fellow brothers and sisters!

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