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Sister Resister – Elle Purrier

It’s good that people have different interests – it creates diversity in the world. Like to knit? Everyone needs sweaters. Like to jump off cliffs? Everyone needs a friend who will push them out of their comfort zone. Like to run? Well we don’t share this particular desire, good for you. This week our Sister Resister is not only a runner and a Vermonter, she also broke the American Record for the Fastest women’s indoor mile this past weekend! Her name? Elle Purrier.  She is now the second fastest woman indoor miler in the world. She also worked alongside her family at the family’s dairy farm while growing up, rising early each morning to milk their herd.  Coincidence? We think not. We believe the flavor that best describes Elle is Crystal Blue Persuasion because it’s so good at it’s job – being the best ice cream around! – that you will probably finish it as fast as she finished the indoor mile!

Going into the meet at the Millrose games, Purrier wasn’t even sure the mile was her “thing”.  She surprised herself and those watching by running a 4 minute and 16.85 second mile, beating the previous records by 7/10 of a second. Absolutely blistering pace.  Not only did she break this USA record, she also now holds the record for second fastest indoor mile in history. Elle is a Sister after our own hearts, being from Vermont and growing up working on her family’s farm, waking up at 5:30 everyday to milk 30 dairy cows, throw hay bales, take care of pigs, and shovel out the barn before heading to school. She is known for her hard work ethic and determination. Living the farm life now, we can definitely see why. Kudos to Ellie, both for her amazing accomplishments with running and sticking by her family to help with the farm growing up – the Sisters know this isn’t for the weakkneed or the faint of heart. Thanks for being an admirable Sister Resister, Elle!

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