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Sister Resister – Kendra Adachi

Kendra Adachi learned over the years that she can’t do it all. So why not do the unimportant things half-assed, and the few truly important things to the best of your ability? Those were exactly Kendra’s thoughts, and why her fans know her as the Lazy Genius. She started her own podcast to spread this philosophy and reassure others that they don’t have to do it all. This podcast is through an online group called The Lazy Genius Collective, and connects with followers on Instagram to help people stop stressing about all the little things and become smart about all the things that really do matter! #worksmarternotharder.

Kendra, a mom of three, tells her listeners how to be brilliant at things such as the perfect girls night, laundry, smoothies, and more. Here at Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream, we definitely know what matters- delicious farm to cone ice cream and empowering women. We certainly feel like we are a genius about those things. Which means we are totally on board with Kendra! Want to learn about how to be a lazy genius in your own craft? Check out The Lazy Genius podcast or follow @thelazygenius on Instagram!

If Kendra were one of our flavors, we think she would be Chaste Anne because (we think) it’s genius, and you can be a little lazy while enjoying it: just sit down and open up the pint! To read more about Kendra, visit the link in our bio.

White ice cream cone with yellow Anne raspberries in a waffle cone with on a sunny day in the winter NULL Blog Photo

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