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Sister Resister – Rhonda Kallman

Here at Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream, we love women pioneers. Thus, meet Rhonda Kallman, a modern pioneer in the beer industry! Not our words- she was given this award by the Institute of Brewing Studies! Rhonda is the co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, (ever heard of Sam Adams?) which is now regarded as one of the most influential craft beer companies in the nation. She also pushed boundaries with her company New Century Brewing Co. which included traces of caffeine in the beer. While the FDA didn’t approve of this- we sure do! (we know an anarchist when we see one)

After the closing of New Century, Kallman opened Boston Harbor Distillery. This distillery blends the art of spirit making with rich Boston history. We love to see women paving the way in every industry and expanding opportunities for females everywhere. Rhonda, we are sure you have probably poured yourself a beer over these accomplishments, but we’d like to offer you a scoop of ice cream to celebrate them too!

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