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Authentic Vermont Ice Cream is the only way to go

Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream–Authentic Vermont Ice Cream
As part of the male support team for the Sisters of Anarchy, Farmer Bob’s day-to-day existence is a constant cycle of known knowns, known unknowns, and, most frequently, that special spice of life on the farm, unknown unknowns.  The latter includes not infrequent encounters with reps from the Unilever subsidiary based in Waterbury, VT.  Ah, authentic Vermont ice cream.  They follow a standard pattern: “Hi, wow, your flavor names are really … interesting.  I guess I’d like to try (pick your flavor).  Thanks.”  Suitable time period passes … same Unilever rep sidles up to the dipping cabinet, says sotto voce,  “Wow, that was Really Good.  I mean, that was the Best ________ I’ve ever had.  Where are you guys located?  Do you make the ice cream THERE?  How do you … Where do you get your … Where can I get your …”, etc, etc.
Interaction with Other Vermont Ice Cream Companies
Typically production people, but every once in a while one of the Unilever Suits pays a visit, like this past weekend.  The Suit conversations frequently include a long look down the nose, but Farmer Bob has broad shoulders.  Farmer Bob also knew the question that was ultimately coming – “So, is this like a … a hobby for you?”  Fine words and phrases from a rich Anglo Saxon heritage passed through Farmer Bob’s mind.  Farmer Bob ultimately said “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, and Ha!!!”  Then Farmer Bob took this moment and tucked it into his little Book of Motivation he carries around 24/7 365, while thanking Providence for competitors and for the fact that Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream is a real farm-to-cone Vermont Ice Cream company.
Blueberry ice cream cone in front of green grass and multicolored sets of drawers that are used as beehives NULL Blog Photo

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