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The best man I know is a dog… who loves Vermont ice cream

Well, well, well, to say the past 12 months have been a corker is most definitely an understatement. I’m getting to the point in years where occasionally I have some perspective on events, but I have to admit perspective is having a hard time emerging at the moment. One thing I am sure of, the “good for me, but not for thee” attitude is not operable. Can’t we all just get along, playing by the same rules? At the very least, we all agree in the deliciousness of Vermont ice cream. Let’s go from there.

One rule that has allowed Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream to continue to succeed is the ability to adapt and re-purpose, whether it is getting our gourmet Vermont ice cream out to customers via direct ice cream delivery at events, mail order ice cream, or our newest twist, retail sale of Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream pints at locations both in and out of Vermont (see list of retail ice cream pint locations on our website, SistersofAnarchyIceCream.com).

This same product re-purposing applies to everything else we do at the home farm. We don’t grow our selection of fruit and other flavor elements simply to put it in our gourmet Vermont ice cream, perish the thought. We make fantastic, super-healthy syrups with our elderberry, aronia berries, red grapes and honey; we provide thousands of pounds of berries to other value added producers to make their own fantastic products, liquid and otherwise; we sell packages of fresh berries directly to consumers.

Beyond the consistent re-purposing of our various products, we even re-purpose the farm itself, as an entertainment venue, as an educational resource, as a place for kids to run around and enjoy some playground freedom in a land of restrictions, and as an Olympic sized ice rink every winter. Yes, even our primary irrigation pond leads a double life – as it turns out a particularly important one this winter for frustrated young hockey players looking for a place to stretch their legs in a reasonably unrestricted venue. And finally, of course, there is Bob Marley, our farm dog and lover of Vermont ice cream, re-purposed as the best man I know.

In his role as official guest greeter and benevolent example of expected and approved on-farm conduct, he serves as an exemplar of humane behavior. He does not care if you are big or small (though he is particularly gentle with and careful around children), well-known or a plebe, man or woman (though again, he has generated a bit of a female fan club frequenting the farm primarily to spend time with Bob Marley), a regular or a passing tourist: everyone is approached with the same quiet, gentle, respectful manner. If he finds someone objectionable and annoying – as we all on occasion do – he simply walks away and gets on with his own life and his own job. Even Bob Marley can’t like everyone, but he knows how to be polite about it. In a word, the majority of politicians, “activists” and media could greatly benefit from a page out of Bob Marley’s book. Ah well, I can dream, can’t I?

White dog lies on back on white couch, after eating too much mint ice cream in between floral pictures NULL Blog Photo

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