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The Best Mom Deserves the Best Mother’s Day Gift

We get it…we really do get it.  Mother’s Day actually is a holiday engineered by the likes of Hallmark to get us to purchase gifts for our moms.  Despite the dubious origins of the holiday, Mother’s Day is an amazing opportunity to celebrate mom and the other the motherly figures in our life.  Yup, the best moms deserve the best ice cream. Simple as that, no ifs, ands, or buts. They deserve the best Mother’s Day gift!

We Sisters feel that moms are some of the most important people on earth. You quite literally would not be here today without your mom. So, what kind of gift do you give to your mom that says, “Thanks for giving me life. I love you and want you to feel appreciated.” That’s where the Sisters come in. You only want to give your mom the highest quality stuff available. A box of chocolates or flowers are fine, but why not delight your mom with the best Mother’s Day gift—farm-to-cone ice cream from Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream! Make sure to check out our newest variety packs, the Mother’s Day Collection and Mother’s Day Deluxe Collection.

And, if you have a mom who is super ice cream obsessed (we’re talking try every flavor, put ice cream in her coffee type of obsessed) then why not also include a fabulous, bad *ss Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream t-shirt to go with her Mother’s Day ice cream. There’s no better way to show appreciation of your mom than giving her a t-shirt to show off her favorite dessert. You can never go wrong with a sturdy, Vermont made t-shirt as a Mother’s Day gift.

And what do you get for the mom that never eats ice cream and is a little more health conscious?  No worries!  How about some Sisters of Anarchy wellness syrups! We make three types, elderberry syrup, aronia berry syrup, and a mixed elderberry/aronia berry syrup.  This is perfect as a stand-alone gift or as a nice complement to a Mother’s Day brunch. Mix in some seltzer, lime, and your favorite spirit to spice up any brunch!

And remember, no matter what you do, make sure to show appreciation to all the mothers in your life, because they truly are the backbone of our world. Happy Mother’s Day!

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