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The Island of Misfit Toys

You remember it from Rudolph–the dolly who can only cry, the water gun that only shoots jelly, the cowboy who rides an ostrich and the train with square wheels.  We at Sisters of Anarchy embrace the Island of Misfit toys. In fact, we are sort of misfits ourselves–we are the e-commerce company with no Internet.

While a Vermont farm conjures up images of rural, rolling hills, we grow our berries and make our ice cream a mere 5 miles from the metropolis of  Burlington. Despite our proximity to the “big city” and Farmer Bob’s persistent efforts to persuade the local cable company to install a cable line, he has been unsuccessful.

Undaunted and oriented toward problem-solving, Farmer Bob has also explored using cell as internet resulting in interesting conversations with our cell carrier. Cell carrier, “yes, we have Mifi hotspots that you can use for Internet coverage, but you’ll need to upgrade all devices to 5G”.  Farmer Bob, “sure, whatever, we’ll upgrade to 5G, but we can’t even get cell coverage unless we walk 500 meters up the hill and hold our cell phone in the air.”  Big silence from the cell carrier.

However, dear customer, never fear!  Farmer Bob is a creative guy and is bolstered and cheered on constantly by his 21st Century daughters—the Sisters.  He will resolve the internet dilemma and, in the interim, has created appropriate work-arounds and will always be able to fulfill your Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream mail order!

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