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When you just don’t want to share

Some Things Are Better Left Unshared

With three sisters, we constantly encourage them to share. Share their toys when they were little.  Share their food as they get older.  Share their time with each other as they progress into young adults. But we know, it is hard to share ice cream. Don’t tell the sisters, but we even think it’s okay to keep this small luxury to yourself. Sure, share by word-of-mouth that Bronx Cheer is the perfect blend of raspberries and chocolate. Share by social media where your friends can next swoon over their cone of Chocolate Anarchy.  Friends don’t let friends eat bad ice cream! But when it comes to physically sharing your pint, we understand why you may want to ensure that friends or family have their own ice cream. That’s why we have come up with ways to enjoy your ice cream in private.

The “How To” Guide for Enjoying Your Ice Cream in Private

Hide Your Ice Cream Pint

  1. Hide your pint of Chaste Anne—a lovely combo of sweet yellow raspberries blended in vanilla—in a bag of frozen peas. Not behind the peas, under the peas, or next to the peas, but INSIDE the bag of peas. Empty the contents of the frozen peas, well, into the trash because will you ever actually eat them or did you just buy them to avoid judgement at check-out? Then, place the Chaste Anne, pint and all, into the frozen peas. Voila! No one will ever know and the pleasantly sweet yellow raspberries blended into vanilla are yours to enjoy.

Eat Your Ice Cream Alone

  1. Make sure to leave the pint of SNAP in the freezer until you are alone in your house. Think you’re safe when the kids go to bed? Wrong! What happens if they wander down the hall because they have to use the bathroom? They’ll catch you and you know they’ll want some of the goodness. The safest bet is to wait until you’re alone and can savor each bite of the ginger molasses cookie mixed in vanilla ice cream in private.

Bring Your Ice Cream to a Private Place

  1. No opportunities to eat alone in your house? Then bring your pint of Officer Bob Special somewhere you will be alone. Do you know the office will be empty at a certain time? If there is a parking lot nearby, then you can plug in a nice podcast, sit back, and enjoy the chocolate chips. Do it!  Eating ice cream is self-care–you need this!


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