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Yes, the Sisters are Experts at Ice Cream Catering

Love to plan in advance? Like, you already have your summer fully booked by the end of January, that type of planner? Maybe you are newly engaged (best wishes!!), celebrating an anniversary decades after the engagement (it does happen), or staging a big family reunion after a surfeit of social distance. Events are hard to plan, trying to ensure every guest is happy and having a good time; good luck with that!

The Sisters?  Well, we take away that stress, making all your events extra special. 

That’s why we offer a variety of solutions–from scooping to make-your-own-sundae bars–for all your events needs. We’ve been invited to weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, country club parties, even funerals.  Yes, ice cream so good it might bring the dead back to life. Ice cream so good it nearly guarantees everyone invited will be happy, alive or not. Guests of all ages enjoy ice cream, and we can even offer vegan or dairy free options if that’s the way you roll. Our staff is knowledgeable about all of our products, friendly and professional to all those around. We have a variety of set-ups from food trucks for outdoor events to table set-ups for the smallest of gatherings; we work with you to customize your experience, in every way. So when you’re thinking about what food to offer at your next event, think Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream catering!

We’ve started booking dates for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022, so take action soon! Make it an ice cream party by having Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream at your next event!  Email info@sistersofanarchyicecream.com or send us a message on Facebook/Instagram today!

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