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Gourmet ice cream and the art of the gift

Sensitive, “New Age”, and Romantic are not terms often used in concert with the words “Farmer Bob”.  Tractor Supply fashion sense?  Check.  Desire to go to the same restaurants over, and over, and over?  Check.  Expressing himself through Acts of Service rather than whispered sweet nothings and pillow talk?  Double Check.


Even with this acknowledged foundation, several of his “gifts” over the past three decades really stand out:


–           Manual Dump Trailer, anniversary present while renovating our first house/property.  In his defense, I had mentioned needing a way to move materials around the yard ….


–           The “Anniversary Cart”, an industrial strength, custom, two level aluminum transport cart designed to support High Definition production equipment on film sets in the early days of the transition from film to digital production.  Yes, this was presented as an appropriate gift, representative of an investment in our joint economic future.  And yes, I still have it, currently doing service for ice cream and syrup production.  Nothing says love like 150 pounds of aluminum on wheels.


–           Birthday present, set of two blue dustpans.  Again, I had said I needed them, and they were my favorite shade of blue.  Happy Birthday, now let’s sweep the floor!


  • Easter present, shared ownership in a farm, a gourmet ice cream company, and a really big vision. This was when I really, really knew I had a keeper.


Best Valentine’s Gift

You may be thinking, “what does this have to do with me, my romantic life, or my affinity for gourmet ice cream?”  Well, we are trying to help you tie all this together with something good, something bad, or a bit of both.  The Sisters love to celebrate love, no matter the style, color, or rhythm.


Gourmet Ice Cream

In honor of this, Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream has put together the Angel Sixpack and the Devil Sixpack, each full of delicious gourmet ice cream, thematically matched, ideally suited as a Valentine’s gift for your raison d’etre.  Like lingerie, you choose – Nice and Nice, or Naughty and Nice.  Each sixpack comes with a card and the words you want to say to that special someone.


Angel Six-Pack includes the following farm-to-cone gourmet ice cream flavors.  These selections are definitely on the tamer side, but still incredibly delicious. (https://sistersofanarchyicecream.com/flavors/angels/)

Plain Jane

Chaste Anne

Raspberry Beret

Chocolate Safe Space

Crystal Blue Persuasion

I Want Candy … With Chocolate


Devil Six-Pack designed for someone who is a little more naughty reflected in the flavor names and the non-traditional gourmet ice cream flavors. (https://sistersofanarchyicecream.com/flavors/devils/)


Dirty Ann

Token Male

Beefy Blonde

Chocolate Anarchy

I Really Love Your Peaches



Perfect Valentine’s Gift

So as you think about your Valentine’s gift-giving, we recommend you stay away from Farmer Bob’s focus on practicality, even when requested (I didn’t mean it).  Instead, lean into our gourmet mail order ice cream.  Made at our farm with the ingredients we grow, it is sure to please, the unique gift that lets your loved ones know that you – without doubt – love them.



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