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The Sisters Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again: holiday time! The time of year when we gather with family and friends, eat copious amounts of food, attend services, sing some of the best songs of the year, and show one another love through the art of gift giving. 

While every gift is appreciated, the wrong gift can give the wrong impression or can even become the butt of family jokes. For the perfect examples of the not-so-right gifts, please refer to our holiday blog from last year “Ghosts of Christmas Past” and learn more about the “O” “T” turtleneck or the now-infamous brass, dual-purpose bookends and candlesticks from Aunt Anarchy. 

So, this year, to help you choose the perfect holiday gift for your family, friends and co-workers, we’ve put together the perfect gift guide. With gifts from the Sisters, you get great products and support a woman-owned, small business, while also buying locally and sustainably made products. 

Gift for anyone under the sun:

Ice cream!! Of course, ice cream makes the perfect gift for any one of your friends or loved ones. This year we’ve curated a perfect selection of flavors for you. If you’re looking for a hostess gift, we suggest The Hostess with the MostessIf you’re looking for a gift to make the in-laws happy, then we suggest The In-Law Pleaser. And for those socialites in your life? We suggest The Berry Best Holiday single serve pack, so there’s something to share with everyone. 

Check out the rest of our Holiday Variety Packs to find the perfect gift for anyone in your life. All of our ice cream comes with the ability to include a special note, so your recipient knows exactly how you feel. 

For those who love a fun drink OR are health nuts:

Wellness syrups!! Our syrups not only offer a slew of antioxidants and vitamins, but also are a delicious mixer in a variety of cocktails and mocktails. Mix them with your favorite spirit or just pour them over ice with a touch of seltzer. These are the perfect way to spice up any drink. 

For the true ice cream lover:

Sisters Swag! We all know that one person who LOVES ice cream. We’re talking about creating their own Instagram to show the world how much they love ice cream type of person or the person that gets the Sisters of Anarchy logo tattooed on their forearm. For these kindred souls, we suggest a Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream swag. You can pick from two colors of t-shirts and a few hats will be coming soon (keep your eyes peeled). All come in cool (everything we do is cool…don’t you think?!), bold designs so they can look awesome while showing the world just how much they love ice cream. What better way to express their love of ice cream than the clothes they wear on their back? 

Whatever the gift you choose from the Sisters, the recipient will be excited to see the package arrive.  They’ll enjoy the gift and also will be part of a special club of ice cream lovers and Sisters’ enthusiasts!

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